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Coarse Wood Fiber

ECOPEATPLUS+® is exclusive to Lambert!


EcoPeatPlus+® is a highly fibrous natural wood fiber, harvested from our peat bogs and specially processed in our facilities. Depending on the desired characteristics, opt for EcoPeatPlus+® aggregate to create your own specific blends and needs or choose from our full range of ready-to-use substrates with EcoPeatPlus+® (EPM substrates).


What is EcoPeatPlus+?

  • EcoPeatPlus+ consists of small sticks, chunks of peat and strands of fibers.
  • EcoPeatPlus+ is used as a natural aggregate in a mix and provides excellent aeration and moisture holding properties.
  • EcoPeatPlus+ is a naturally occurring product of a peat bog that is used to produce mixes with exceptional air-water relationship.
  • The utilization of EcoPeatPlus+ is a sustainable practice that prolongs the longevity of a peat bog and the environment.


Link to the OMRI Issued certificate that lives on OMRI.org.


  • 100% Natural wood fiber

Particle Size

  • Coarse to extra-coarse


  • Applied as top dressing on large pot
  • Highly improves on site blends prepared by nurserymen
  • Adds good weight and stability for large container productions
  • Easy to apply as a mulch in landscaping
  • Naturally decorative (natural wood color)

Product Features

  • OMRI Listed for organic use
  • Retains moisture, so less irrigation needed
  • Excellent weed barrier
  • Preserves its physical structures for many months in containers
  • Sustainable and eco friendly
  • Does not attract birds

Chemical Characteristics

  • pH Range: 3.3 – 3.8 (S.M.E)
  • Electrical Conductivity: 0.1 – 0.5 mmhos/cm (S.M.E)

Available format

Product code 664980 2435
110 cu ft compressed - 3116 L
1 bag/pallet

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