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EcoPeatPlus+® Exclusive to Lambert

EcoPeatPlus+® is exclusive to the Lambert Peat Moss Company. It is a highly fibrous “natural wood” fiber, collected from our peat bogs and specially processed at our facilities.

Lambert Peat Moss offers commercial growers a wood fiber option with its EcoPeatPlus+®. Depending on the characteristics you’re looking for, choose from our EcoPeatPlus+® as a stand-alone product or from our complete line of ready-to-use EcoPeatPlus+® Mixes (EPM).

EcoPeatPlus+® is OMRI Listed for organic use.

EcoPeatPlus+® used as a stand-alone product:

EcoPeatPlus+® (EPM) Substrates

EcoPeatPlus+® Substrates (EPM) provide exceptional balance of air space and water-holding capacity, with superior longevity and minimal shrinkage.

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EPM line is blended with Canadian sphagnum peat moss with ECOPEAT and can also include a different percentage of perlite to complete the fine-tuning of your mix. It can be compressed, saving on freight costs with more products per truck loads.

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